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Who can sign my Disability Tax Credit certificate?

May 17, 2017

The Disability Tax Credit certificate (T2201) is comprised of 2 parts.

Part A is what you (and a sponsor) complete.

Part B is for your qualified practitioner to complete. This bulk of the form is the most important as you can be declined based on what is (or isn’t) written about your disability.

However, most people don’t even get to Part B because they either:

  • don’t have access to a medical doctor, or
  • their doctor refused to complete and sign Part B of the form

These cases are frustrating, especially if someone is eligible to receive the Disability Tax Credit per Canada Revenue Agency’s guidelines. What can be done?

The other option is to find another doctor willing to support your claim. But it doesn’t have to be just a family doctor. Canada Revenue Agency specifies that any relevant ‘medical practitioner’ may sign the form. This means that your family doctor isn’t the only person who can fill out the form for you. However, your supporting medical practitioner does need to make sense though. You wouldn’t have an optometrist (eye doctor) sign your form for a walking disability.

Below is a list of medical practitioners that can certify your disability tax credit certificate:

The Medical Practitioner Can Certify…
Medical doctor (family doctor) All sections (vision, speaking, hearing, walking, eliminating [bowels], feeding, dressing, mental functions)
Nurse practitioner All sections (vision, speaking, hearing, walking, eliminating [bowels], feeding, dressing, mental functions)
Optometrist Vision
Audiologist Hearing
Occupational Therapist Walking, feeding, dressing, and cumulative effect for these activities
Physiotherapist Walking
Psychologist Mental functions necessary for everyday life
Speech-language pathologist Speaking

When you find the support you need, make sure that your medical practitioners are accurately detailing your disability and how it affects your daily life.