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Reapplying for the Disability Tax Credit

August 24, 2013

Have you already been granted the Disability Tax Credit? After the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) reviews a T2201 form, it decides whether a person will receive temporary or permanent disability support. The Disability Tax Credit Certificate is available to people with all types of disabilities. A good number of successful applicants get temporary benefits even though they have lifelong disabilities. This is not a problem because resubmitting the T2201 form is acceptable and even expected. Examine how the CRA reviews applications to better understand why you need to reapply.


Who Qualifies For Temporary Disability Assistance?

It would be nice if the Disability Tax Credit were distributed in a way that is black and white. Unfortunately, there are many shades of grey in this process. The Canada Revenue Agency has a trusted medical board that reviews T2201 forms and makes decisions on who receives disability assistance. This group reviews each case and makes individual rulings.

The decision making process can be difficult. It takes time to determine who will receive disability support and for what length of time. The Canada Revenue Agency needs to know more than what type of disability you have; they need to know how this disability affects you every day.

This information can help you fill out the T2201 form accurately. Make sure your medical practitioner clearly defines the effects of your disability rather than submitting a flimsy fact sheet. If you feel your doctor has limited knowledge of your daily living challenges, make it a point to discuss these obstacles before he or she fills out their portion of the form.

Why Temporary Benefits over Permanent Benefits?

Temporary status is given when the CRA’s medical board decides the symptoms and impact of disability will change over time. This is not an attempt to short change you; instead, it is an act to ensure you receive proper assistance all the time. The goal is to accommodate all types of disabilities as they change over a lifetime.

Reapplying for the Disability Tax Credit

Sometimes it is hard to think of having to reapply for the Disability Tax. It may feel like you’ve won a battle but will have to fight another one in no time at all. However, there are benefits to those who qualify once and then reapply down the road. Avoid thinking of it as a risk. Instead, think of it this way: you are updating your file with the CRA.

The Canada Revenue Agency knows your situation based on current information on file.  By reapplying, you get to ensure they know everything. A lot can change in a few years and the CRA needs to be aware of these changes in order to assist you best.

While reapplying for disability support can seem frustrating, it is well worth the effort in the end. With professional benefit specialists by your side, reapplying does not feel like more work at all. Teaming up with the National Benefit Authority lightens the burden of paperwork and can help you successfully reapply for the Disability Tax Credit.

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