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Applying for the Disability Tax Credit – Additional Information Request

August 27, 2013

After applying for the Disability Tax Credit, it is possible to be notified that you have neither been denied nor accepted. In some cases, you may be asked to submit additional information. This request is to confirm how your disability restricts daily activities or about the life sustaining therapies you require.


The Canadian Revenue Agency can request additional information at any time. If you receive a request for additional information it is important to consult benefit specialists about the next steps to take. Examples of the further details you may need to supply include:

– More information about your impairment or disability
– How your disability or impairment impacts daily living
– An explanation of your life sustaining therapy

This request will come from the National Revenue agency in written form. The notification may be sent to the person with the disability or the individual filing to receive a transferred portion of the credit. In addition, it may even be sent to the medical practitioner who filled out the T2201 form.

Do not fear this request. Embrace the opportunity to continue applying for the Disability Tax Credit. The Canada Revenue Agency wants to understand the full scope of your disability; more than the definition of your physical or mental impairment, it is necessary to supply details about how the disability affects your daily life.

A request for additional information is not a setback. It is not a denial and it is not grounds for you to give up.  Instead, it is another chance to help the Canada Revenue Agency understand your needs.

This is an opportunity to continue applying for the Disability Tax Credit best you can. Consult professionals who can help you navigate this second chance. The National Benefit Authority (NBA) is the largest tax credit agency serving people with disabilities in Canada. Benefit specialists are able to guide you in all aspects of the application process. They can help you navigate the request for additional information and more. Call the NBA at 1-888-389-0080 for more information about the Disability Tax Credit.

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