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Where Can Individuals Affected by Dwarfism Find Clothing?

May 31, 2013

Dwarfism, otherwise known as short stature or skeletal dysplasia, is a condition that many people have. In some cases, dwarfism causes disabilities and medical problems. You can learn about dwarfism by visiting the links at the bottom of this webpage.

Are you affected by dwarfism? If yes, we understand that at times it can be difficult to find clothes that fit, are fashionable, and are age appropriate. Have you experienced this struggle? If yes, this is the blog post for you. Read on to discover where those affected by dwarfism can find clothing.

Clothes Pegs

Individuals impacted by dwarfism want to feel confident in their clothing.

Those affected by dwarfism, just like other individuals, desire to wear clothing that makes them feel comfortable. Oftentimes people of short stature are forced to buy clothing that is not age appropriate. Some mothers admit to being frustrated about having to buy infant-sized clothing for their toddlers. Other individuals have to have clothing made, which can become expensive. Thankfully, there are other options.

Find clothing for people of short stature.

Here are a few places where individuals of short stature can purchase fashionable clothing:

For women – “Kathy D. Woods is an on-line women’s clothing company showcasing fashions expressly designed for adult Little People.” Kathy D Woods’ designs are beautiful and functional. The best thing about this clothing line is its affordability. Visit to read more.

For men (professional wear) – Are you a man who is affected by dwarfism? Are you also in the business/professional world? If so, you can get professional clothing custom made to fit you; see to learn more.

Custom fit – My Stature (“apparel for persons with dwarfism”) is a company that makes clothing for individuals of short stature. Categories include menswear, womenswear, and more. Customers are free to browse clothing and place orders online. See to start shopping.

Where do you find your clothes?

Are you a person of short stature? If yes, where do you purchase your clothing? Share with us by leaving a comment on this Disability Living blog post. Thank you for your feedback!

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