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Discussing Anonymous Recovery Groups

July 12, 2013

Addictions challenge families, compromise health, and raise risks of developing other diseases. Another fact to be wary of is that people with disabilities are susceptible to substance abuse and other addictions.

For over 75 years, 12 step programs, like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), have provided opportunities for people with destructive habits to free themselves from negative behaviors. In fact, many testimonies say this is a “life-saving” process.

This week, Disability Living ( is blogging about a number of 12 step groups that address a variety of addictions. In addition, we want to encourage the disability community of Canada to support one another by sharing success stories and personal testimonies of recovery. Will you join us in shedding light on these free, life-changing programs?

Free 12 Step Communities and Programs

Committing to a recovery process allows an individual to conquer addiction and lead a successful, rich life. 12 step programs are designed to examine triggers of abuse, find positive coping mechanisms, and resolve root issues.

The model of taking small steps in a community setting may be more effective than going at it alone. Spending time with people who can relate, occupies time that may otherwise be spent engaging in negative behaviors.

12 step programs are focused on a number of struggles, such as:

– ABA Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous
– 12 Step Programs for Drug Addiction- CMA Crystal Meth, HA Heroin
– MA and NA Marijuana and Narcotics Anonymous
– Emotions Anonymous – Helping Individuals Achieve Emotional Health
– Overeaters Anonymous
– Nicotine Anonymous
– PA Pills Anonymous For Prescription Drug Addiction
– Support Groups for Family Members and Friends

In many cases, addiction leads to losing control of life. 12 steps programs empower a person to regain control. With community support and accountability, it is possible to recover life and conquer addiction.

Have you or someone you loved struggled with addiction? Did a 12 step program offer you another chance at healthy living? It would be a privilege to hear your story. Please visit the Disability Living blog ( to read our posts on recovery and encourage people who struggle with dependency issues.

A person’s right to choice becomes lost in the grip of addition. Choose to live again and take back your life. Conquer addiction or support a loved one’s recovery once and for all.

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