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Adaptive Products for People Affected by Dwarfism

May 30, 2013

Adaptive devices have made the lives of many people much easier. Adaptive/assistive devices are used by people with disabilities and medical conditions of all kinds, and many individuals can hardly imagine their lives without these products. Adaptive products may particularly make life easier for people affected by dwarfism.

Dwarfism (skeletal dysplasia or short stature) is a condition Disability Living has been blogging about all week long. To learn about dwarfism–what it is and who it affects–visit the links at the very bottom of this webpage.

Adaptive Products for People Affected by Dwarfism Adaptive Products for People Affected by Dwarfism

What adaptive devices are helpful to those impacted by dwarfism?

People affected by dwarfism have short physical statures. Therefore, daily tasks can be difficult for them to accomplish. The good news is assistive devices can bring a new sense of ease to the lives of these individuals.

There are plenty of assistive devices that are used daily by people affected by dwarfism. Here are a few examples:

Stools — Individuals can use stools to help them get into bed, turn off lights, and reach cabinets. These are tasks that would be quite difficult without this simple but effective assistive support. Stools are also economical.

Scooters and bicycles — Kids who deal with dwarfism might struggle with feelings of frustration over not being able to keep up with friends. For some children, bicycles and scooters are the perfect assistive solution for getting around easier.

Furniture — Did you know that you can buy furniture specially made for individuals who have a short stature? Find out more at

Adaptive vehicles – Adults can experience freedom of mobility with adaptive automobiles and accessories, such as break pedals and steering wheels.

There are many adaptive products that can physically make your life easier. Make your emotional life easier by reading an inspirational story that will help you believe that your condition does not have to limit your dreams —

What adaptive devices make your life easier?

Are you affected by dwarfism? If yes, what adaptive products help you accomplish your daily tasks with ease? Share with the Disability Living blog today by commenting on this post. Thank you for your input.

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