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Why Should You Apply for the Disability Tax Credit?

July 11, 2013

The Disability Tax Credit (DTC) is different from other financial assistance programs offered in Canada. It comes in the form of an income tax benefit that may result it financial benefits. The government of Canada reserves money for people with disabilities, to provide eligible applicants with supplemental income. A qualified person can use the funds for any purpose.


Are you Eligible to Receive the Disability Tax Credit?

Qualifying for the Disability Tax Credit requires that you have a severe and prolonged medical issue. This health situation prohibits you from earning sufficient income through employment.

The Disability Tax Credit Certificate, a necessary document for qualification, defines “disability” as an issue that is “severe and prolonged”. A severe problem refers to not having good enough health to work a job; prolonged indicates this has been or will be the case for at least one year, if not permanently.

The Disability Tax Credit is Different from Other Programs

Unlike some assistance programs, if you qualify for the Disability Tax Credit, you are eligible for other assistance options still. The government designed this system to work for people who need substantial help. In fact, qualifying for the DTC may open doors to being accepted into other financial aid programs.

This means the Disability Tax Credit has potential to earn you a significant amount of help. People who are approved for this tax credit can receive anywhere from $1,600 to $30,000. Even though the application process seems daunting at first, the benefits are worth it in the end.

In some cases, people with disabilities have been refunded money they did not claim in the past. Your unique situation, with a doctor’s testimony, can be factored into the qualification process and may result in you receiving financial retribution and future relief.

Apply for the Disability Tax Credit

Applying for Canada’s Disability Tax Credit is a great first step for people who struggle to work because of severe and prolonged illnesses. Readers who are hesitant to apply for financial aid options, learn more about how easy applying for the DTC can be. Click here for this information:

If you need money to alleviate burdens of medical costs, the Disability Tax Credit is worth looking into. Qualifying for these tax benefits can open doors to qualify for other financial relief programs. With less concern about budgetary restrictions, you can think more about your health. Apply today and get back to spending time on what is important.

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