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What You Need to Know About Hives

April 12, 2013

This week, The National Benefit Authority has been discussing skin abnormalities. More importantly, The NBA has blogged about how to treat the skin conditions that negatively affect so many. Whether you have rosacea, acne, or some other type of skin abnormality, this week’s NBA posts are for you. Read this week’s posts by visiting the links at the bottom of the page.

Hives are skin abnormalities that can make their sufferers miserable. For some people, hives are a chronic condition. What exactly causes hives to appear on the skin?


What causes hives?

Typically, hives are the result of an allergic reaction. An allergic reaction occurs when histamines are released by the body and the capillaries release fluid. It is the fluid released by the capillaries that can trigger hives.

Many different factors can cause an allergic reaction that results in hives. For example, sunlight, food, insect bites, medication, and weather all have the potential to cause hives in certain people.

What does a mild case of hives look like?

When hives are mild they will appear on the skin as small pink swellings. Hives are quite itchy. Also, skin surrounding hives is usually red and inflamed. A mild case of hives may abate in a matter of a few hours. A serious case of hives can cause a person to experience vomiting, clammy skin, mouth swelling, anxiety, and lightheadedness.

Hives can be easily treated.

Although hives can be majorly irritating, they are usually not difficult to treat. In many cases, hives will go away when a person takes an antihistamine. Antihistamines basically block the histamines that trigger hives.

If you are experiencing a case of hives, it is best to speak to your physician. Also keep in mind that a pharmacist can help you find an over-the-counter medication that will probably bring you relief. If hives are severe and are causing sickness, please seek medical attention as soon as possible.

How do you manage chronic hives?

Do you frequently experience hives? If yes, how do you manage your condition? Share with us by leaving a comment on this blog post.

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