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What is the Disability Tax Credit?

July 09, 2013

The Disability Tax Credit Certificate (DTC) recognizes you or the person whom you legally represent as having a disability with the government of Canada.

Qualifying for the tax credit implies your income tax will be lower, as your costs of living are higher. In addition, successfully filling out this form and being awarded rightful benefits makes it easier to apply for other programs offering financial relief.


Basic Information about Canada’s DTC

Canada’s disability tax credit is unique because it is not reserved for anything specific. The money you receive is yours to spend according to your needs. Therefore, the sole purpose of the DTC is to ensure you are able to maintain a certain quality of life.

When completing the disability tax credit certificate, you will need a “qualified practitioner” to fill out the form. His or her account of your disability is often what the Disability Tax Credit Unit of government bases their decision of qualification on. This is why it is important to honestly communicate your needs and abilities with a doctor.

Make sure you proofread and double check all of your information before sending in the application. Any tiny mistake can disqualify you from receiving this credit.

Common Questions about the Disability Tax Credit

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the DTC certificate and application process. Because of this, many people don’t apply for tax credits. In additions, a good number of people with disabilities are unaware of benefits available to them or don’t know they may qualify.

Here are answers to some common questions people have about Canada’s disability tax credits:

– First, a word of advice. It is up to you to apply for this credit. Doctors, tax agents, and accountants will not always tell you about this credit or help you determine whether or not you are eligible. Your best option is to work with an organization that specializes in helping people with disabilities throughout the application process.

Does my disability affect how much money I will receive?

– According to the DTC certification form, “The disability amount is a non-refundable tax credit used to reduce tax payable on your income tax and benefit return.” Therefore, if you are eligible, you receive the same benefits as others who also qualify, even though the amounts may be different based on your tax filings.

If I accept this credit will I be disqualified from other disability support programs?

– No. In fact, if you qualify for the disability tax credit it may make other forms of disability support readily available. Similarly, any money you currently receive from enrollment in other programs (not a job though) will not affect your DTC consideration.

Can I apply on behalf of a family member?

– Yes. You can apply on behalf of a family member. Parents should apply on behalf of disabled children. More so, if you were a caregiver for a now deceased family member you are eligible to apply for this tax credit.

The main goal of Canada’s Disability Tax Credits is to help individuals who have disabilities maintain good qualities of life.

Do you have more questions about the DTC? The National Benefit Authority has a comprehensive list of answers. Click here to learn more:

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