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Warts and Skin Tags Can Be Eliminated

April 10, 2013

This week Disability Living is blogging about skin disorders and their treatments. So far we have published blog posts on topics such as treating acne, managing rosacea, and preventing athlete’s foot. Healthy skin is vital to general health and good self-esteem. Do you have healthy skin from head to toe? If not, we encourage you to follow the Disability Living blog this week.

Warts and skin tags are similar in origin.

Skin tags and warts are conditions that can be unsightly, uncomfortable and embarrassing. Skin tags and warts “are thought to be the same abnormality.” They usually protrude from the skin (protrude means “stick out”) and manifest themselves as growths and bumps. Although skin tags and warts are oftentimes harmless, they are not good for a person’s self-esteem.


Skin tags are usually found in places like skin creases and armpits. They develop as a normal part of the aging process. Warts are often caused by HPV, which is a virus that “affects the outer layer of skin.” Warts can develop in all colors, sizes and shapes. It is not uncommon for anyone of any age to have warts.

A word about warts.

“Warts have a rough texture and are caused by viruses, particularly one of several kinds of HPV (human papillomavirus).” Keratin, a hard protein that is located on the upper layer of a person’s skin, grows too rapidly under the influence of the virus. This is how a wart is formed. There is more than just one type of wart, and they are typically not medically dangerous. In fact, “most warts disappear on their own.” Still, it is not a bad idea to have warts checked out by a dermatologist.

How to eliminate warts and skin tags.

Warts and skin tags can be removed from the skin via surgery. Also, “both skin tags and warts can be treated with over-the-counter or prescription medications.” An internet search will give you some ideas for treating warts and skin tags naturally. If you are not having any luck with over-the-counter medications or natural remedies, consider visiting a dermatologist to discuss other methods of treating your skin disorder.

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