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Types of Dwarfism — Part 2

May 28, 2013

This week the Disability Living blog is writing about dwarfism, also called short stature or skeletal dysplasia. As mentioned in a prior post, there are many different types of dwarfism (about 200). Read about these different classifications of dwarfism at Additionally, individuals can be affected by dwarfism in different ways.


Types of dwarfism

Here are a few types of dwarfism that affect people:

Growth hormone deficiency – Children who have growth hormone deficiency grow at a slower rate than other children. Individuals affected by this type of dwarfism have normal proportions, but they grow more slowly than other people. Those having growth hormone deficiency have facial features that appear younger than average. Learn more about growth hormone deficiency at

Larsen syndrome – Larsen syndrome affects the development of a person’s bones. Larsen syndrome is accompanied by distinct symptoms, including frequent dislocation of hips, elbows and knees. In some cases, individuals affected by Larsen syndrome will grow extra bones. Those with Larsen syndrome usually are short and have hyper mobility. You can read more about this syndrome by visiting

Short rib polydactyl – Short rib polydactyl happens during pregnancy and is caused by a genetic abnormality. Someone affected by short rib polydactyl will have a skeleton that does not grow. However, extra limbs will begin to grow. This kind of dwarfism is lethal to babies. Read about short rib polydactyl at and

Good news for those affected by dwarfism

Many types of dwarfism cause serious symptoms that can sometimes be life-threatening. The good news is researchers are helping those with dwarfism live longer and better lives.

Are you affected by dwarfism?

Are you affected by dwarfism? If yes, what type? We encourage you to share with us by commenting on this DL blog post. We would love to know what type of dwarfism affects you and what impact it has had on your life. Thank you for your feedback!

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