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Should Special Education Teachers Grade Their Students?

May 21, 2013

This week the Disability Living blog is writing about special education teachers — what they do, who they are, and how they help kids with disabilities. Special education teachers have responsibilities much like any other type of teacher; they must help students learn. However, special needs teachers also help students grow socially and even behaviorally. Can grading students’ school work assist special education teachers in helping students grow academically? Read on to find out.


Should special needs students need be graded on school work?

Should a student with a disability be graded on school work? That’s an interesting question, one that deserves to be explored. Many special needs children attend school, learn, and grow academically. But do they complete projects and receive grades? They can — it depends on who their teacher is.

Can special needs teachers give grades?

Special needs teachers can give grades to their students if they choose. Most special education teachers understand that when it comes to special needs students, grading is a fine line to walk. These teachers do not want to academically discredit a student because of a physical, mental, or developmental restriction.

How does grading work in a special needs classroom?

Special needs teachers may each have their own grading scale, but here is an idea of how an educator may grade:
A — The student is doing his or her best to accomplish tasks independently and progress in school.

B — The child has room to improve (the student usually knows there is room to improve and is not heeding that advice).

C — This grade may tell parents that their child has issues that must be addressed (this would apply to a student who has the potential to address issues).

The above grading system helps both teachers and special needs students. However, it also helps parents to understand how their child is doing in school and what areas he or she needs help in.

Do you grade your special needs students’ school work?

Are you a special needs teacher? Do you grade your students’ school work? We would love to hear from you. Leave a comment on this Disability Living blog post and let us know why you have chosen to grade or not grade. Thank you for following the Disability Living blog.

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