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Resources for Special Needs Classrooms

May 22, 2013

This week the Disability Living blog has been writing about special needs teachers — who they are and what they do. DL has also published blogs that feature tips for individuals who educate children with special needs and disabilities. Are you a special needs teacher? If so, visit the links at the bottom of this page to read up on past Disability Living blog posts for special needs teachers.

Resources for Special Needs Classrooms Resources for Special Needs Classrooms

Why do special needs classrooms require specialty materials?

Do special needs teachers have to shop for particular classroom materials? Oftentimes, they do. This is because special needs teachers may have students with many different types of disabilities and special needs in their classrooms — disabilities such as autism, down syndrome, dyslexia, and other conditions. Since there is usually such a wide range of disabilities represented in a special needs classroom, teachers often require certain materials to help them accomplish all their goals and tasks.

There are several different types of materials needed in special education classrooms. Here are a few examples:

– Specialized lesson plans
–Graphic materials–Learning disability-specific resources
–Assistive technology

Where can you find resources for your special needs classroom?

Special needs classrooms require unique materials that other classrooms do not need. Teachers can go to the following links to find the materials they need to run their classrooms as they would like:

Teacher Vision – Teacher Vision is the perfect place to find printable materials, lesson plans, and subject-specific activities. You can probably find the exact things you are looking for in Teacher Vision’s plethora of resources (

Mayer-Johnson – Do you want to keep your classroom engaging for students, as well as very organized? If so, check out the resources at Mayer-Johnson (

National Center to Improve Practice in Special Education – Are you interested in using technology and media in your classroom? Go to to find the resources you need.

What materials do you use in your special needs classroom? Are there any resources you cannot do without? If so, where do you purchase your materials? You are welcome to leave a comment on this Disability Living blog post today.

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