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Overeaters Anonymous

July 18, 2013

Addiction to overeating presents unique challenges. In other recovery programs it is advisable to eliminate the substance causing harm. But when it comes to overeating, a person cannot avoid food. Eating is a necessary part of life.

In April of 2013, BBC Health ran a report about food addiction. Addiction researcher Sally Marlow writes, “It’s not possible to abstain from eating, of course, but it is possible to abstain from overeating.”


Can a person be addicted to food? There is a lot to debate when it comes to compulsive eating. Most medical professionals agree that there is at least one addictive form of overeating: binge eating disorder.

Even with a medical definition, this addiction receives much speculation. After all, many people feel compelled to eat certain foods in large quantities, especially when they are specialty items of preference, like sweets and chocolates. These individuals sometimes describe their eating as “out of control,” but they may misunderstand how true this statement is to someone with compulsive eating patterns.

For anyone struggling with binge eating disorder, getting help is important. Food is a necessary part of each day and vital to healthy physical functioning. If maintaining healthy eating habits is a miserable mental battle, it may be time to seek more information about OA meetings.

About OA- Overeaters Anonymous

Overeaters Anonymous is a 12 step program. This support group focuses on how an individual’s battle with binge eating disorder can easily be lost if trying to conquer the addiction alone. With a community of people who understand the complexity of binge eating, mental processes can be healed and healthy habits, restored.

Much of OA looks to address the root of addictions; what causes someone to adopt binge eating habits?

OA offers a safe group setting that allows individuals to partake in personal reflection and knowledge sharing. Stopping the destructive cycle of binge eating requires more than a diet plan. While OA does not prescribe specific diets, the group encourages boundaries be put in place to safeguard an individual from his or her destructive behaviour. This is the first step in rebalancing healthy habits.

Despite debates about the validity of this addiction, binge eating disorder is growing in prevalence. Those who struggle with compulsive eating are not alone. Many people have issues with overeating and binge eating. Feeling overwhelmed and out of control is normal but regaining control and developing healthy eating habits is essential. Take a courageous step and find an OA meeting today:

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