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Natural Solutions to Decrease Anxiety Symptoms

July 02, 2013

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What does an anxiety attack feel like to you?

How do you manage your anxiety symptoms?

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Anxiety begins in the mind, but can quickly arrest the body. If you ever experienced racing thoughts of worry, accompanied by short, shallow breaths and tense body muscles, you may have had an anxiety attack.

Natural Solutions to Decrease Anxiety Symptoms Natural Solutions to Decrease Anxiety Symptoms

Every person is susceptible to anxiety symptoms. They result from life stressors such as work, family, money troubles, or any other pressing concern. In challenging seasons of life, it is possible to struggle with an occasional anxiety attack.

A more serious problem arises when someone experiences consistent and debilitating anxiety symptoms. If you have more than one anxiety attack per week and find your driving, home-life, or work suffers as a result, it is wise to speak with a physician. You may have an anxiety disorder.

Prescription medications are available to people with this diagnosis. For the rest of the population, it is important to manage anxiety symptoms with natural solutions. Natural alternatives to anti-anxiety medications are less expensive and encourage long-term healthy lifestyle habits.

5 Natural Solutions to Decrease Anxiety Symptoms

1) Chamomile- Drink chamomile tea or take it as a supplement. The compounds found in this herb act the same way as medications like valium do. (Other teas, like green tea, can serve as natural solutions too.)

2) Hops– Hops (that can also be found in beer) comes in the form of an essential oil and offers great relief when used as an aromatherapy. Drinking beers, sorry to disappoint some of you, will not deliver the same natural solutions.

3) Exercise- Exercise is a great way to decrease anxiety symptoms, and it doesn’t cost you a dime. Studies show exercise can offer near immediate results; medical professionals believe 21 minutes of exercise can reverse an anxiety attack.

4) Breathe- Try doing breathing exercises at the first sign of an anxiety attack. Taking deep, long breaths encourages your body to calm down. It is hard to feel anxiety symptoms while taking time to breathe deeply.

5) Omega 3 Fatty Acids- One of the many benefits of fish oil is that it reduces anxiety. Add salmon, anchovies, sardines, and body muscles to your diet for best results. Taking these types of supplements may serve as natural alternatives to long-term anti-anxiety drugs and anti-depressants.

If an occasional anxiety attack plagues you, try natural solutions to alleviate the symptoms you experience. Someone diagnosed with an anxiety disorder may benefit from medication. Otherwise, a number of natural alternatives are available to those who only have mild, infrequent anxiety symptoms.

By implementing these dietary supplements and healthy lifestyle habits, it is possible to manage your anxiety better.

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