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Natural Solutions for Chronic Inflammation

July 06, 2013

Inflammation is not all bad. If you suffer from regular pains that bring about swelling, redness, and intense heat, this statement may seem false. Yet, inflammation is a critical function in how the body works best.

Other than the irritating pain of inflammation, do you know much about what this process does for the body? Knowing some facts about inflammation, the dangers of chronic inflammation, and ways anti-inflammatory drugs do more harm than good, can help to break down this common pain.


For this reason, natural alternatives to anti-inflammatory medications promote how the body works best. The right diet and healthy habits can decrease chronic inflammation.

Facts about Inflammation

– Inflammation is the body’s natural approach to protecting its cells. When excess stress or trauma inflicts on the body, arteries contract in that area and blood rushes there, releasing plasma proteins to the injury.

– There are two phases of inflammation: primary and chronic. Phase one, primary inflammation, is the body’s first attempt to encourage healing through detoxification and cell reparation. Most people are not aware this is going on.

– Phase two, however, may be thought of as rescue mode. Chronic inflammation occurs with primary processes are not enough to protect cell destruction. This process results in heat, redness, swelling, and pain.

– Evident signs of inflammation that do not go away or are reoccurring mean the body may need medical attention.

Dangers of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Inflammation is a sign that the body is working properly, but no one should live in constant pain caused by this normal body function. Anti-inflammatory drugs exist for people who suffer from chronic inflammation that does not let up.

Nevertheless, these prescription medications interrupt the detoxification of cells. Because this process is important for liver and kidney functions, regular blood tests are required to monitor buildup of toxicity in these vital organs.

How to Support Your Body’s Natural Healing Process?

Below are three natural solutions that encourage primary inflammation and manage chronic inflammation. Incorporating these healthy habits may do more than alleviate this everyday pain; they can serve as natural alternatives to prescription, and potentially harmful drugs.

1) Omega 3 Fatty Acids- These supplements help primary inflammation. They boost the body’s ability to respond to damaged cells quickly, yet not become overwhelmed so that chronic inflammation occurs.

2) Cell Repair- Eat foods that promote cell growth and repair. Plant enzymes, like bromelain, promote the body’s natural healing processes. This will naturally reduce the chances of chronic inflammation.

3) Drink Water- Water helps the body naturally flush the body of toxins. Drinking plenty of water can stop infections that lead to inflammation before they begin.

Inflammation is good, but chronic inflammation that leads to redness, swelling, pain, and heat can signal something is wrong in the body. If these symptoms persist, it is necessary to speak with a medical professional. Work with this individual or team to find natural alternatives to anti-inflammatory medications. With good habits and helpful supplements, chronic inflammation may be avoided entirely.


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