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Natural Remedies for Allergies

July 01, 2013

Allergies come and go. Your immune system reacts different to dust, pollen, and fur depending on life stage, living environment, climate change, and exposure to animals.

There are a variety of factors that provoke allergy symptoms. If you experience severe allergy attacks that threaten your ability to function, discuss these episodes with a doctor. He or she may prescribe medication to bring about temporary relief. However, if your allergy symptoms are mild or moderate, these medications can be expensive and cause unnecessary side effects.


Natural allergy remedies can offer you allergy relief solutions that won’t break the bank. Here are a few (of many) natural alternatives to ease the discomfort of allergy symptoms without turning to medication:

– Buy Local Honey

It is a popular belief that eating local honey will strengthen the immune system. Because bees are responsible for cross pollination, it is believed that eating honey from local bees provides long-term relief from allergy symptoms. Overall, consuming this sweet treat regularly could make you more adaptable to the allergens in your local environment.

– Add Natural Supplements

Spirulina, eyebright, goldenseal, and butterbur are supplements that lead to allergy relief. Regularly taking butterbur (migraine sufferers also take this as a natural remedy) can be just as effective as prescription medications. These supplements help to reduce airway inflammation which can bring about some allergy relief.

–Take a Shower

Hot showers that produce steam are beneficial for two reasons.  First, they help clear nasal passages and encourage taking long, deep breathes. Second, after being outside pollen, dusts, and/or furs may remain on your skin or clothing. Rinsing off and washing your clothes is the only certain way to eliminate yourself from clinging allergens.

– Try Eucalyptus Oil

Essential oils are seen as natural remedies for numerous afflictions. This is true for allergy relief too. Eucalyptus oil, used along with steam, acts as an anti-inflammatory and is also an antibacterial agent. This means the natural allergy remedy should help you to breathe easier right away.

– Spice Up Your Diet

Spicy foods, like strong mustards, garlic, peppers, and wasabi, can offer temporary relief from allergy symptoms. Adding spicy elements to a meal can often make eyes water and nasal passages open.

If you are bothered by allergies and have tried many natural remedies with no relief, it is time to see a medical professional. Sometimes allergies require more than over-the-counter alternatives. Even so, many prescriptions, as well as natural allergy remedies only offer temporary relief. This is why is it wise to understand how your environment may be affecting you and causing your allergy symptoms. Change may become necessary.

Incorporating these natural alternatives to allergy relief into a daily diet and healthy routine will strengthen your immune system.

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