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Living with the Pain Dwarfism Causes

May 31, 2013

Having a disability or other type of condition that affects your physical appearance can be very tough on a person’s emotions. Individuals having these issues must deal with the shame of not looking like the social “norm”, as well as with social exclusion and others’ general ignorance of disabilities, birth defects, and medical conditions that affect the appearance. Dwarfism is an example of a condition that can cause emotional pain.


Why does dwarfism cause physical pain?

Dwarfism not only causes emotional pain — it can also cause physical pain. This is because bone growth is abnormal in people who are affected by dwarfism. This abnormal bone growth causes the skeletal system to be structured differently. All of this can result in physical pain. Many with dwarfism deal with joint pain and joint diseases. This can lead to limited or painful mobility. Also, dwarfism can cause a person’s nerves to become compressed, which also results in pain.

Those with dwarfism must get help for pain.

People having dwarfism who have chronic pain must seek medical help to manage it. Although physicians cannot cure dwarfism, they can work to ease or eliminate pain caused by the condition. Here are a few pain treatment options for individuals with dwarfism:

Surgery – Did you know that certain bones grow faster than others? For this reason, surgery is sometimes necessary. (Many times people with dwarfism will get surgeries that lengthen their bones.)

Therapy – For some, dwarfism affects growth hormones. In cases like these, hormone therapy is used. This therapy is usually used on children, as it can help them to reach normal statures and sidestep painful complications of dwarfism.

Braces – A lot of infants and children with dwarfism will be advised to use braces during the day and/or night. Braces help bones and muscles develop properly. Braces also can prevent future joint problems.

How do you manage pain?

Does dwarfism have you in pain (physical or emotional)? If so, what do you do to manage or eliminate pain caused by dwarfism? Share with us by commenting on this Disability Living blog post.

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