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iPad Apps for Your Special Education Classroom

May 22, 2013

If you are a teacher for special needs students, there is no doubt that you are aware of apps that can help your students grow academically, socially and behaviourally. Apps are becoming staples in today’s special needs classrooms, and for good reason. iPad apps are offering teachers the tools they need to help students who have many different types of disabilities and special needs. Are you getting the full benefit from iPad apps in your special education classroom?


What iPad apps help kids with special needs?

There are a plethora of apps that can be helpful to children with special needs and their teachers. Here are just a few:

Grace — This application is designed specifically for non-verbal students. Many teachers have already begun to use this amazingly helpful app that integrates pictures that enable students to interact with teachers and peers. The Grace app is a must for fostering communication in special needs students. Read more about the Grace app at

First Then Visual Schedule – The application known as First Then Visual Schedule is the perfect tool to help teachers ensure their classroom days run smoothly. Almost all special needs teachers struggle with students not sticking to a routine, but First Then Visual Schedule reminds students visually and orally of their daily routine. See to learn more.

Dance Party Zoo – Do any of your students need help with their exaggerated motor skills? If so, consider investing in the Dance Party Zoo application. This app is great for young children. The app allows kids to choose their own music and animal, and then start moving. This might be an ideal break time activity to help students refocus before tackling their next task (

iWrite Words – The iWrite Words application can help students master fine motor skills. This app causes pictures of a word to appear on an iPad screen as a child writes that word. Perfect for helping kids recognize images! (

Earn It Stars – Do you need an app to motivate your students and monitor their progress? If yes, read about Earn It Stars:

What apps work for the students in your special needs classroom? Share with us by commenting on this blog post today. Thanks for your feedback!

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