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How to Avoid Ringworm

April 12, 2013

Ringworm is a skin infection that many people deal with (especially men). Although most people have heard of ringworm, very few actually understand what it is. Continue reading to find out what causes ringworm and how you can avoid the skin condition.

What is ringworm?

Did you know that ringworm is caused by a fungus, not a worm? The fungus has the capacity to cause a person’s skin to become infected. Ringworm that manifests around a person’s groin area is typically referred to as jock itch. “Jock itch may be caused by a spread of athlete’s foot fungus to the groin.” Ringworm “is characterized by an itchy, red circular rash with healthy-looking skin in the middle.”


How to avoid ringworm

Here are a few quick tips for avoiding ringworm and maintaining healthy skin:

– Don’t share — The fungus that causes ringworm grows in wet, warm places (similar that which causes athlete’s foot). Because of this, and because ringworm is highly contagious, you should avoid sharing things like sports gear and towels.

– Protect your feet – When using public showers, always wear sandals or some other type of shower shoes. This way, your feet will be protected from fungi that can cause athlete’s foot and ringworm. This is an easy way to protect your skin from infection.

– Wash gym gear and clothes – Make a practice of washing your gym gear/clothes regularly. This will keep your clothes and gear bacteria-free, and your skin free of ringworm.

– Stay clean – Showering doesn’t just promote personal hygiene; it also helps prevent the development of fungal infections like ringworm. For this reason, strive to keep your skin clean and dry.

What to do if you have ringworm.

Some cases of ringworm call for prescription medication. You should visit your doctor if you have had a rash on your skin for over two weeks. Seek medical attention immediately if you are experiencing fever, swelling, drainage, or “excessive redness.”

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