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Get Heartburn Relief with Natural Solutions

July 05, 2013

Many people live with heartburn. This common inconvenience is tolerated all too often. Thankfully, some over-the-counter medications offer temporary relief. Better yet, natural alternatives to these stomach acid aids are less expensive and bring about the same (if not better) effects.

Before learning how to alleviate heartburn relief with natural solutions, it is important to know a few facts about this everyday pain.


Myths about Heartburn

Heartburn originates in the stomach. When acid collects there it can travel up the esophagus and cause an uncomfortable burning sensation. Beyond these basic medical facts, there are many myths about what causes and cures heartburn.

For instance, a number of people believe drinking milk eases stomach acid pain. While the creamy, calcium enriched liquid may feel good going down, once in the stomach, the fat from milk is broken down with acid, which can create an even more uncomfortable situation. Ultimately, those who struggle with stomach acid ought to keep consumption to small quantities of low fat milk and drink it between meals.

Overactive stomach acid is painful; in some cases it interrupts people’s lives. Even though there is no permanent cure for heartburn yet, there are natural alternatives that promote temporary relief.

4 Natural Solutions for Heartburn Relief

Instead of reaching for expensive heartburn medications that offer temporary relief, try these natural solutions:

– Chew Gum- Saliva is the body’s most natural approach to keeping stomach acid down. Chewing gum creates more saliva in a person. When repetitive swallowing takes place, it is effective in fighting off acid that creeps up the esophagus.

– Eat Slowly- Eating too fast may cause stomach acids to overreact. Try taking small bites of food. Enjoy the taste and savor the flavor. This allows the stomach sufficient time to digest properly.

– Eat Earlier- Regular problems with heartburn can get in the way of quality sleep. Having a final meal early in the evening ensures stomach acid is at rest while the body rests also. With a fully digested meal, the body is not producing acid or working to fight it while you are lying down.

– Slim down- Losing weight and wearing clothes that fit loosely releases pressure from the abdomen. In effect, this relieves the stomach of unnecessary digestion obstacles. It may take some time, but slimming down could be the best way to get rid of chronic heartburn for good.

Heartburn is usually caused by what is eaten, when it is eaten, and how it is eaten. While over-the-counter medications rush to provide temporary relief, these natural alternatives offer the best chances for permanently curing symptoms of stomach acid. Incorporating these healthy diet tips is less expensive than medicine.

When it comes to heartburn, making simple lifestyle changes and creating good habits can promise a healthy and happy heart.


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