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Finding the Medical Practitioner to Fill Out Your Disability Form

August 26, 2013

Any mistake on the Disability Tax Credit Certificate can result in being denied benefits. Unfortunately, a person with a disability has little control over this process. The T2201 form must be completed by a medical professional, either a physician or a practitioner.


One reason a Disability Tax Credit Certificate may be denied is because of an inaccurate medical evaluation. Therefore, it is important to find the right physician or practitioner who understands your particular case and is working to help you.

Have you talked to a medical practitioner about filling out your disability form? How did this conversation go?

If you feel a medical practitioner is unaware of your daily challenges, make sure you discuss these details with him or her before the form is filled out. When asking an individual to complete disability forms for you, make sure you choose a medical practitioner who understands the effects of your disability.

Before understanding how to secure the best doctor or practitioner to evaluate your disability, explore the importance of the T2201 form.

Why is the Medical Portion of the T2201 Form Important?

When being considered for the Disability Tax Credit, the Canada Revenue Agency wants to grasp the entire scope of your disability and how it affects your day-to-day activities. Without filling out the T2201 form with honest detail, the CRA won’t be able to grant you the DTC.

To ensure your medical practitioner truly understands the effects of your disability, create a list of daily obstacles. This will help you discuss your disability with a medical professional. It not only equips him or her to fill out the form accurately, it will help you know who to talk to and remind you of information that is necessary to include.

Finding the Medical Practitioner Who Fits You Best

Depending on the type of disability you have, there are many types of medical professionals who can fill out the T2201 form. They include a medical doctor, optometrist, speech-language pathologist, audiologist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist or psychologist.

Finding the best medical practitioner is not limited to one person. It is possible to have more than one than one doctor fill out the form. Each doctor can lend his or her own insight. If the effects of your disability are broad, it may be necessary to consult many doctors who can adequately explain various impairments and restrictions.

The T2201 form is important. It is also confusing. Avoid rushing to fill these disability forms out. Take time to understand Disability Tax Credit Certificate guidelines and consider the medical practitioner or practitioners who know you and your disability best.

The most important factor is that you complete the T2201 form right the first time. With the importance and confusion that surround the Disability Tax Credit, having benefit specialists from the National Benefit Authority is helpful. These professionals are able to simplify the application process and make sure you submit a quality application.

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