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Do You Have Psoriasis?

April 09, 2013

Have you been following Disability Living this week? If so, you know that we are blogging about skin conditions. Disability Living is committed to hosting conversations that benefit the entire disability community of Canada. Thousands of individuals living in Canada deal with skin conditions every day. Disability Living is pleased to offer readers blog posts packed with basic information about common skin conditions. Read on to learn about a skin malady called psoriasis.


What is psoriasis, and what are its symptoms?

“Psoriasis is a common skin disease that affects the life cycle of  skin cells.” Psoriasis is caused when a person’s skin cells quickly build up. This skin cell build up results in the surface of the skin becoming itchy and scaled. Psoriasis is chronic and can be painful. Some individuals deal with psoriasis on a small scale and feel mostly “irritated” by the condition; others find psoriasis to be “disabling.” A severe case of psoriasis is one in which the affected skin covers at least 10 percent of a person’s body.

Although an affected individual can experience unwanted psoriasis flare-ups, his or her psoriasis may go into remission at times.

There is more than one type of psoriasis.

Although an individual can usually only be affected by one form of psoriasis at a time, there are several different types of this skin disease, including:

– Plaque psoriasis (this is the most common form)
– Guttate
– Inverse
– Pustular
– Erythrodermic


Visit to learn about specific treatments for each type of psoriasis.

There is relief for those who deal with psoriasis.

Do you have psoriasis? If yes, there is hope for you. According to the Mayo Clinic staff, “Psoriasis treatments may offer significant relief.” Here are just a few common treatments for psoriasis:

– Topical treatments
– Systemic medications (example: biologic drugs)
– Phototherapy

What psoriasis treatments have worked for you?

Do you deal with psoriasis? What treatments have helped you get your skin condition under control? Share with the Disability Living blog — leave a comment on this post today.

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