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Could You Be a Special Needs Educator?

May 20, 2013

Are you the type of person who would make an ideal special needs educator? It’s possible. Today, there are many who are choosing to pursue a degree in education. There are many more who are either newly entering university or thinking about making a career change. These individuals are searching for the ideal job. For some, special education teaching will be a perfect fit. Is being a special needs teacher an ideal job for you?


What kind of person would be great at teaching kids with special needs?

The first thing to do when considering whether or not special needs teaching would be a good fit for you is to determine if you are the type of person who is cut out for this type of teaching. As a general rule, individuals who want to teach special needs students should be:

– Patient
– Motivating
– Encouraging
– Kind
– Empathetic
– Flexible
– Even-tempered
Additionally, a special needs teacher must love children and enjoy working with them. Individuals who teach special needs students are often great at multi-tasking (as they must help a child socially, academically, and behaviourally) and are able to juggle many things at once with a good attitude.

A special needs teacher must absolutely be adaptable. In a special needs classroom environment, a teacher will more than likely be responsible for helping students
with varying disabilities. Therefore, a teacher needs to be able to adapt to sudden schedule changes and unexpected happenings.

The pros and cons of special needs teaching

Special education teaching can be stressful — that’s why a special needs teacher must possess many of the qualities mentioned above. However, the job is not all stress; it can also be extremely rewarding to those who are right for teaching special needs students.

Are you considering becoming a special education teacher?

Have you been considering going into special needs teaching? If so, contact an advisor or counselor at a university or college. Ask the advisor or counselor any questions you may have about teaching special needs students. If you are still in high school, speak to your school guidance counselor about the possibility of majoring in special education. Continue seeking out answers to your questions about the profession. It won’t be long until you know what you want to do with your career and your future.

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