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Commons Questions About Vaccinations

May 17, 2013

Have you been keeping up with the Disability Living blog this week? If so, you know that we have been blogging about vaccinations — what they are, how they are made, why we need them, and how they benefit people and protect their health. There is no denying that vaccines are medical advancements that have saved lives and eradicated some infectious diseases. Vaccinations have contributed greatly to the overall good of society. Read on to find answers to common questions about vaccinations.


Answers to common questions about vaccines

Q — Do immunizations last forever?

A — Some vaccines, including those for measles, mumps, rubella, and polio, have lifelong effects. However, others “wear off” and need to be re-administered.

Q — Do vaccines cause autism?

A — This is a theory that instilled fear in many people. Although studies have been done, none have been able to substantiate this claim. It is still wise to thoroughly research a vaccine for yourself to develop your own opinion about its safety.

Q — Can an infant be overloaded with vaccinations?

A — Currently, there is no evidence that an infant can be overloaded with vaccines, or that the vaccines can cause harm. However, every parent should carefully research vaccines and ultimately make their own judgements.

Q – Should someone who is ill (with a cold, for example) be vaccinated?

A – It should be fine for someone who has a cold to get a vaccination. But keep in mind that getting a vaccine while ill can increase the side effects of a vaccination. It may be wise to wait until you are well before getting a vaccine.

Q — If the majority of a child’s peers are vaccinated, should that child also be vaccinated?

A — The success of vaccinations depend on percentages. In other words, a high percentage of individuals must be vaccinated for an infectious disease to decrease. Because of this, it might be best to go ahead and get your child vaccinated.

Do you have questions about vaccinations?

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