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Clothes and Accessories for Children with Disabilities

June 29, 2013

When it comes to adaptive clothing and household accessories, there may be some things that you or your child need but cannot find in local stores. It is important for people with disabilities to own clothes that fit properly and are easy to put on. Such items can make a huge difference in comfort, mobility, safety, and wellbeing.

For these reasons, Disability Living is offering nine online resources that may help you find adaptable clothing to fulfil your unique needs. While there are a good number of options available, the following is a non-comprehensive list of online resources where you can purchase various clothing items for children, then adults.


Clothing for Children with Disabilities

1) Weighted t-shirts for children with autism

Many children with autism require therapies to assist sensory integration and processing. One solution, of many, in line with this effort is to use a weighted vest or t-shirt. The website below offers weighted t-shirts for this purpose. (Weights should be proportional to the child’s size; an occupational therapist ought to offer guidance on this matter).

2) Clothing for sensitive skin

A Canadian company produces clothes made especially for children with disabilities. All clothing is made from high quality Peruvian cotton. More so, the items are created to fit children with special needs. (Plus, Mini-Miracles clothing is now sold at BC Children’s Hospital!)

3) Wheelchair rain capes

For children in wheelchairs, it is important to have an adaptable poncho to help them stay dry in the rain. The rain resistant material is cut short in the back so it can easily be tucked securely behind the child. Also, the rain cape can be attached to the wheelchair with Velcro.

4) Winter coats that fasten in the back

Another necessity for children in wheelchairs is to have winter coats that fasten in the back. Having a child put on his or her coat that zips this way makes it easier to slip into the warm garment. It greatly reduces the number of steps it takes to get a child ready for winter weather.

5) Cute clothes for preemies

This company offers great clothing option for those who can’t find anything that fits their smaller newborn of premature baby. There options range in price point, style, and child needs. They are sold for children weighing between 1 and 12 pounds.

Clothing for People with Disabilities

Silvert’s is a Canadian company established in Ingersoll, Ontario more than 80 years ago. After serving an aging demographic for some time, Silvert’s became aware of the needs senior adults and adults with disabilities have when getting dressed. They set out to design an adaptable clothing line that could be bought from the comfort of one’s home. Today, the online and catalogue retailer serves the disability community of Canada with adaptive, stylish, and easy to wash clothing options.

As a result, the disability community of Canada has a great mount of clothing and accessory options, including:

1) Popular options for women

– Front snapping bra-

– Open back dresses-

– Velcro pants-

2) Popular options for men

– Adaptive pants-

– Polo Shirts-

– Open Back undershirt-

3) Non-constrictive clothing for diabetics


Readers – do you have any clothing pieces or household accessories that make life a little easier?

There are a lot of adaptable items sold through online retailers today. In fact, this blog post only scratches the surface.

If you, like so many others, have found it frustrating to dress yourself or find fashionable clothing that takes your medical needs into account, it’s time to look at and other online retailers. After locating a website that serves your needs, share your find with the disability community of Canada here on the Disability Living blog.

*Please note: All research for this article is compiled from direct and third party sources. Mention of programs, organizations and companies does not imply support of The National Benefit Authority.  Pictures are for creative purposes only; they are not intended to sell or promote products for the NBA and belong to the accredited individual, organization or company.

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