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Catching Up on Vaccinations

May 15, 2013

This week the Disability Living blog is discussing vaccines — what they are, how they are made, and why we need them. Each week the Disability Living blog discusses topics that are relevant to individuals with disabilities. DL exists to host conversations that are beneficial for the entire disability community of Canada. Whether you have a mental, physical, invisible, or other type of disability, the Disability Living blog is here to provide you with consistent, reliable information that improves the quality of your life. Do you follow the DL blog?

Do you need to catch up on vaccinations?

Most people are aware that vaccines are necessary for most people. After all, vaccines have the awesome ability to keep individuals from developing infectious diseases and illnesses. As a result of vaccinations, hundreds of thousands of lives have been spared.

Vaccines are important to get when you are a child, but also as you age. Many people get behind on vaccines once they are out of school. This is mainly because they have no one reminding them that vaccinations are important. Do you need to catch up on vaccinations?

What are the consequences of not getting immunized?

It’s important to get the right immunization at the right time. There can be consequences of not getting these immunizations. For example, a child who does not receive recommended vaccines may be asked to stay home from school in the case of an outbreak of infectious illness. In not having your child vaccinated, you also run the risk of leaving him or her vulnerable to developing infectious diseases.

You and your child can get caught up on vaccines.

If you are an adult and feel you may be behind on vaccines, speak to your physician at your next office visit. Ask if there are any vaccines you need. You can use the catch-up chart found at to get your child caught up on necessary vaccines.

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