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United Nations’ International Day of Persons with Disabilities

December 03, 2015

Today is the United Nations’ International Day of People with Disabilities. This year’s global theme is Inclusion matters – access and empowerment for people of all abilities.
That belief is what The National Benefit Authority was founded on almost a decade ago.

The United Nations notes that the estimated one billion people living with disabilities across the globe face barriers to inclusion – including transportation, employment and education.
Unfortunately, people with disabilities do not yet enjoy access to society on an equal basis.

The National Benefit Authority continues its passion to fight for the right of all Canadians to participate in public life with dignity and independence. As the United Nations states, this is essential to reduce inequalities in society.

it is believed that one billion people live with disabilities across the globe. The National Benefit supports the United Nations’ belief in access and empowerment for people of all abilities.


United Nations Flag,

To the 1.1 million Canadians who are eligible for the federal disability tax credit, our 150+ fulltime staff believe that this is your money and is meant to support your independence and your inclusion.

To the 35,000+ Canadians we’ve helped & the hundreds of thousands we’re fighting for, we’ll never give up.

As the largest disability tax credit service provider in Canada and a founding member of the Association of Canadian Disability Benefit Professionals (ACDBP) we proudly offer professional for-profit advocacy on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of disabled Canadians that require assistance.

As reported by the CBC in 2015, the Canada Revenue agency (CRA) estimates that at least 1.1 million Canadians qualify for the disability tax credit, with half being seniors. However, the Canadian government saved almost $1 billion in federal taxes in 2012-2013 when almost 50 per cent of disabled Canadians who were entitled did not receive the disability tax credit.

Dealing with government agencies can be overwhelming in the simplest of circumstances. When living with a disability, the disability tax credit process presents an even greater daunting challenge -especially when this is your money and you are entitled to it.

As advocates for Canadians living with disabilities, The National Benefit Authority offers a guarantee of service that is unsurpassed: our clients only pay when we are successful on their behalf. We fight for you and your success is our success.

With today being the United Nations’ International Day of People with Disabilities, we promise that access and empowerment for people of all abilities is what drives us.

The NBA promises to never slow our fight on behalf of disabled Canadians. With an A+ Better Business Bureau, well over 1,000 thankful testimonials and 35,000 successful claims later, we promise to continue fighting to ensure that all disabled Canadians receive the money, inclusion and independence they deserve.