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How to Raise Awareness of Birth Defects

September 20, 2017

Did you know that you can easily raise awareness of birth defects?

With 1 out of every 33 babies is born with a birth defect, awareness of these conditions is crucial and can lead to increased social acceptance of children and adults who are affected by deformities and disfigurements. If you are willing to raise awareness of birth defects as you go about your everyday life, read on.


Most people are unaware that there are literally thousands of different types of birth defects. Individuals are also largely uninformed that many babies are born with birth defects (1 in 33). Some of these birth defects have no known cause. It is safe to say that not many people understand the profound impact deformities have on a person’s life.


What can you do to help researchers get the funding they need to raise awareness of birth defects? Is there any contribution you can make to ensure children with deformities get the medical care they need? The answer is you can take part in awareness activities. Here are two awareness activities you can participate in easily:

– Share your personal story — Do you have a birth defect? If yes, share your story with others. One way you can do this is by commenting on this blog post and telling the world about your condition and how it has affected you. You can also reach out to your local media with your story. Don’t forget to talk about your birth defect to individuals you encounter in your everyday life.

– Educate friends – To raise awareness of deformities among friends, direct them to this blog or other blogs devoted to individuals with disabilities. You can also take advantage of social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and use it to publicize information about birth defects.

How do you raise awareness of birth defects, deformities and disfigurements? Share your tips with us by leaving a comment. Thanks for your feedback!

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