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Potential Medical Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis

September 18, 2017


Medical professionals and multiple sclerosis patients eagerly seek a medical treatment that will cure the progressive inflammatory disease.

Up to this point, only a few medications exist to aid symptoms of MS. This is why many Canadians hope for a medical treatment offering permanent relief to MS sufferers.


One medical professional actively pursuing an answer to the cause of multiple sclerosis is Dr. Paolo Zamboni. This Italian doctor hypothesizes that MS might be related to an abnormal vein condition. He believes the veins of persons with multiple sclerosis are narrower than those without MS.

His guess prompted surgeons to attempt a surgical procedure to widen veins in the necks of patients with MS. These medical professionals use balloon angioplasty as a way of relieving multiple sclerosis symptoms. Currently, the treatment has not been reported successful.


Still, more tests are being done to determine the relationship between vein health and MS. While studies have not produced solid answers yet, it is important that medical professionals work hard to find a cure for multiple sclerosis.

One “rigorous” research study, that took place in Buffalo, New York, consisted of 19 patients diagnosed with MS. They were all given surgical procedures. Nine individuals had balloon angioplasty, and the control group of 10 had a “fake procedure”. In the end, no significant difference was reported between the two groups.

A softer test was done by an Italian group of medical professionals and researchers, who used ultrasounds to examine three groups, including persons with multiple sclerosis, other neurological diseases, and no symptoms (also known as the control group). This test was conducted with over 1,500 participants, but these results, too, did not prove people with MS have abnormal vein conditions.


Canadian doctors urge MS patients to consider the possible dangers attached to these test procedures, saying treatment needs to be researched further. Nevertheless, doctors are hoping to learn from the rigorous studies being conducted.

Is this a step towards a cure for multiple sclerosis? The fact medical professionals continue to test hypotheses and research symptoms of MS is a very encouraging sign. It means people with MS are getting closer to full healing than ever before. In the meantime, reliable medical treatments will continue to come available as a result of research.

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