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Poor Concentration: A Mild Form of Memory Loss

April 03, 2013

Did you know that some individuals believe poor concentration is a mild form of memory loss? Memory loss is Disability Living’s topic of conversation this week, and for good reason — many individuals struggle with memory loss on a day-to-day basis. Disability Living is committed to hosting conversations that are beneficial and relevant to the entire disability community of Canada. Do you read the Disability Living blog?

How does poor concentration negatively affect people?

Poor concentration, while not necessarily medically dangerous, can impede on a person’s life and cause him or her to miss out on life. Slowed thought processes are often the fruit of poor concentration. Whether it’s inability to concentrate in class or truly listen to another person share their heart, poor concentration is not something anyone wants in their life.

What causes poor concentration?

Inability to properly concentrate can be caused by many things. Here are just a few factors that sometimes play into poor concentration:

– Drug abuse
– Brain injury
– Multiple sclerosis
– Chronic fatigue syndrome

Poor concentration is usually symptomatic of an underlying issue, such as a mood disorder (depression, anxiety, etc.), lifestyle choices or disease. Individuals who experience a constant inability to concentrate should see their physician to discuss whether or not an illness could be causing the problem.

What can someone do to better their concentration?

Those with poor concentration can take steps to better their ability to concentrate. Here are a few tips for individuals who suffer with an inability to concentrate:

– Take vitamins — Do you have a vitamin deficiency? If you suspect you do, ask your doctor to take a blood test and check. Supplement with vitamins as needed.

– Get enough sleep — Those who are sleep deprived will undoubtedly have trouble concentrating. Find a sleep schedule that works for you and stick to it.

– Exercise — Physical activity provides a quick and easy avenue to increase the health of your brain. Exercise not only refocuses your energy, it also oxygenates the brain. If you have poor concentration, add exercise to your lifestyle.

What are your tips for bettering your ability to concentrate? We’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment on this blog post and share with Disability Living today.


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