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Mood Disorders Society of Canada

May 12, 2014

Affecting over one million Canadians, depression is fast becoming a leading disability, predicted to be the largest killer by 2020 (second to heart disease). Much research is being conducted the world over in an attempt to shed light on this debilitating epidemic.

While there are several excellent Canadian resources specifically for those with depression, perhaps one of the most prominent charities is the Mood Disorders Society of Canada (MDSC).

Established in 2001, the Mood Disorders Society of Canada aims to give Canadians with depression, bipolar disorder and associated mood disorders a voice loud enough to be heard by the nation of Canada. The Mood Disorders Society of Canada believes that Canadians with depression have the right to voice their need for excellent medical treatment, as well as societal inclusion.

The non-profit, national, consumer driven charity Mood Disorders Society of Canada provides clients suffering with depression or related disorders with a “strong, cohesive voice at the national level to improve access to treatment, inform research, shape program development and government policies to improve the quality of life for people affected by mood disorders” by offering specific services and support: hosting campaigns, helping clients find the ideal medical care they deserve, consumer and family support, advocacy, publications and discussion forums.

The Mood Disorders Society of Canada’s consumer and family support boasts a Child and Youth Mental Health toolkit, Tree of Life Interactive web tool, helpful website links, studies, self help guides, healing tips, peer support and recommended reading lists. These resources can be life changing for individuals suffering from depression, as well as their family members and caretakers.

The Mood Disorders Society of Canada also offers a disability tax credit to Canadians with depression or related disorders who qualify for the program.

For Canadians dealing with the effects of depression, there is hope and solutions offered through the Mood Disorders Society of Canada. MDSC can truly be an invaluable resource for any Canadian suffering with depression.

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