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Sponsorship and the Disability Tax Credit

How you and the National Benefit Authority can help your disabled relative.

What is a sponsor?

To obtain the maximum refund for our clients, it is sometimes necessary to apply the DTC across more than one taxpayer. For this reason, the NBA has coined the term “sponsor”, referring to a taxpayer who is related to the disabled individual by blood or marriage, and has supported the disabled individual financially.

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The Disability Tax Credit is our specialty.

The National Benefit Authority (NBA) helps disabled Canadians and their families cope with the financial challenges that come with having a disability. We have helped more than 30,000 Canadians and their families receive millions of dollars.

We do it by specializing in the many processes involved in the Government of Canada’s Disability Tax Credit (DTC) program. More than 100 highly trained NBA agents work through the intricacies of the DTC program and are committed to recovering every dollar the government owes to disabled Canadians and their families. We have also helped clients who are already receiving disability benefits recover even more.

What sponsorship means and how it works

How does the Government allow sponsorship?


Transferring disability credits to a supporting taxpayer is an established provision of the Income Tax Act (ITA 118.3 (2) – ITA 11.8.3 (3)), which is administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). As a taxpayer, you are eligible to become a sponsor if you have regularly provided one or more of the “basic necessities of life”—which refers to food, shelter and clothing—to your disabled relative.

Because you’ve incurred the cost of caring for your family member, the government allows you to claim your own credit. Ideally, you will have paid income tax on your own earnings for one or more years over the period of your relative’s disability.

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Our Tax Analysts take great care to ensure that all adjustments are specific to your unique situation. Rest assured that our team of experts will work diligently to obtain the maximum amounts available for both you and your relative.

“The NBA provided a much needed boost to my finances at a time when required medical costs had done a good job of depleting my savings. Their swift and concerned attitude also gave my family hope and relief that we would be fine in the future at a time when illness was hurting us in so many ways.

– Mike

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