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"I Love the NBA"

jean benjamin

"they are professional and are also as well very professional dealing with all kinds of disability. I am more than satisfy with them for their wonderful jobs thanks you again..."

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Luella Collister

"I am very pleased that the national benefit authority was able to help me, due to my chronic pain and other issues, I was surprised to know this company existed."

Elizabeth Williams

"The National Benefit was so helpful in their assistance in helping me with the process to get my disability claim. "

Editha Garcia

"When I heard about The National Benefits Authority, I said to myself that its too good to be true. And so I brush it off my mind but because of..."

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Sylvia White

"I;d been trying for years to claim my sons disability and always got rejected time and time again. The costs of me staying home to assist him when he wasn;t..."

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Glenda John

"I was on long term disability, from an injury I had. I had six surgerys on my knee, what led to depression and anxiety. I can;t walk more then 250..."

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Alison Mica

"I would like to thank the people at the National Benefit Authority for the assistance and expertise with my case. The funds arrived at a time that the extra funds..."

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Edward Adams

"I am very happy that the national benefit authority was there for me.I was turned down by revenue canada do to m y illness of ptsd and other illness.I had..."

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Arthur Davidson

"Recently, my mother was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease. Combine this with Multiple Myeloma and Diabetes; it makes for a big job when you are her caregiver. We knew nothing about..."

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Michael khan

"I have to say..that this was an excellent choice i made with NBA...the exceptional service and care were amazing..i will recommend NBA with no hesitation"

James Anderson

"I was unsure about getting money and was thinking king that it was money for them not for me as we all know there are a lot of things out..."

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Mike & Vivian O'Connell

"Mike has been disabled since 2004. We found an ad about the tax credit and I sent an email to the National benefit Authority. They contacted us right away. Took..."

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jason hauzer

"They have helped me get tax credits. "


"Loved the service I received by the friendly and polite staff. Thanks NBA."

Dawn Knudsen

"I would like to thank the helpful people at National Benefit Authority for all the updated calls, the generous help and most of all the work they put into my..."

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Richard finnigan

"Thank you to look to help me for the benefit"

Lorraine Robinson

"On my facebook page was an advertisement from The National Benefit Authority informing all readers that they may be entitled to money if they fit the stipulated criteria. Upon reading..."

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Susan Johnstone

"I want to thank the NBA for all their support they showed me. They were understanding, kind and extremely helpful through out the whole process! Because of the NBA I..."

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Francoise Robert

"Thank you to you all at National Benefit. At first I was scared to but decided to go ahead and boy! Am I ever happy receiving funds I didn;t expected...."

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stan smagala

"i would like to thank NBA for helping me with this trust fund for my disability, without this i would be lost in life"

David W Dunbar

"Early in 2014 I became aware of some debts that were seriously overdue. As Im on a disability I wass having no luck getting funds to pay these bills. So,..."

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Nancy Storms

"Hi: My name is Nancy. I tried many times to be able to get this credit on my own, so that each year I could claim the disability credit. I..."

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Frank Cadeddu

"I've got a five year relationship with the National Benefit Authority. Not only have I benefited, but I have been able to educate my family and friends who have suffered..."

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Philip Kenneth Moore

"As a Canadian Armed Forces Veteran who suffered an O.S.I (Operational Stress Injury) in Afghanistan. I was medically released from the Canadian Armed Forces due to my injury. The National..."

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Sharon Wade

"I have been suffering with osteo-arthritis for over 25 years, and have been suffering with rheumatoid arthritis for over 10 years. I have been struggling financially for about 8 years,..."

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Hazel Gonyea

"Thank you National Benefit Authority before my husband passed away NBA helped us receive benefits that we never new where available, and since his passing they have help me get..."

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patricia callahan

"I am very happy the way the national benefit authority people worked on my case and that the time they took to work on my case. I was amased at..."

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SHIRLEY Topaloff

"So very grateful for the funds received,, nba did a wonderful job and helped me a lot...thank you..."

tahir wahab

"My case was successful and thanks a lot NBA for helping me..."

Corinne Hoffman

"I want to thank NBA for helping my son get the money he deserves for his A.D.H.D and Learning disability now I can get him extra help he needs and..."

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Connie Armatage

"With a liver transplant looming my sister was able to get enough money back from the government to pay expenses. The NBA was a big help in going through all..."

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Cory Lachance

"Hello,I would first like to start by thanking the NBA. They were able to help me find over 20,000$ in disability taxes. I don;t need to tell you in this..."

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Tony Pitts

"I am very happy with the help that NBA did for me. I was injuried at work in 1994 and have problems with my heart. I have had 3 surgeries..."

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Joan Dunphy

"I injured my back in 2000 when I was over seas serving on a mission with the military. I. Hurt my back so bad that there are a lot of..."

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patricia nabesw

"Thanks to the workers at National benefit authority my son got some money we didn;t think we were eligible, I;m working on getting funding for my own mental disabilities, hopefully..."

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Robert Paxton

"I was diagnosed with M.S in 2010, and my life changed over night. I lost my good paying job at a warehouse. After 23 years in the lower mainland I..."

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Gary Chamberlain

"Has a retired medically member of the armed forces. I was so pleased with the service i received. i suffer with chronic pain, PTSD,Chronic anxiety and depression and have been..."

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Magnus R Hill

"I have just applied, been living with lots of pain in lower back for over 10 years, this year my Doctor diagnosed as degenerative arthritis or osteoarthritis , very painful,..."

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Petra Wilson

"Thanks for all the hard work of the staff of NBA as I was able to receive the refund and help out with the bills. "

Robyn Lachance

"I contacted the national benefit authority and told them my story about my disability. They were extremely knowledgeable and helpful as to help me pursue money to help me and..."

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Tammie Filson

"I would like to thank the National Benefit Authority for all their hard work finding money I never knew was out there for me. You all did an awesome job...."

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Helen Weel

"I have to thank the NBA for doing a wonderful job at helping meet the benefits that I should have recieved from C.P.P. as that company had decided I was..."

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Kathy Dmytryshyn

"I would like to thank the staff at NBA for all their help! If it hadn;t been for them I would never have received any money at all. They knew..."

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David Frank

"My wife and I are both disabled. My wife suffers from MS and I suffer from Bipolar. Both of these have taken a huge financial toll on our family. With..."

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Perry Daciuk

"Things hit hard in 2005. I lost my job, friends, and what was normal functionality for me. It took years to get a comprehensive diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Even now..."

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Marilyn Roach

"When Canada Pension Disability wouldnt help my husband, the NBA fought to get the Disability Certificate for our income taxes. What a financial relief! They are a outstanding and compassionate..."

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Aranka H. Lukacs

"Over the past 6 years I have had the pleasure of receiving some additional disability tax credit coverage with the help of the National Benefit Authority. With some of the..."

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Trevor Chan

"I was able to receive $2575.31 from the government with the help of The NBA. The service was quick and easy and I am very grateful. Thank you!"

Winnifred Rogers

"I was very pleased with the way NBA handled my claim. I received the tax credit and was very happy at how fast it came through. Thanks to everyone at..."

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Norman Scales

"I would like to thank the National Benefit Authority. Without them I never would have recieved money that was rightfully owed to me. I greatly appreciate how helpful they were..."

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Brenda Charlene

"My heartfelt thank you! To the great team of professionals at the National Benefit Authority.When I first saw their ad on the internet I was sceptical but decided I didnt..."

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Guy Castonguay

"Thank you National Benefit Authority for all your hard work! I received benefits that I didn;t know I was entitled to and in a timely manner."

benoit joseph robin

"this is me on this photo left leg operation with plate and in 1983 upper back injury 1984 "



"The NBA helped me get a refund from the government. The NBA was very professional and understanding of what needed to be done for me . The NBA kept me..."

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"Thank you to the NBA for helping get me some much needed funds to help pay towards a new insulin pump I recently had to purchase that was not covered..."

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"I'm hearing impaired and NBA helped me. "

Kelly. A


"I was absolutely impressed by the professional care that The National Benefit Authority showed in taking such excellent care of me... Each of the representatives who contacted me were very..."

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Richard Durocher


"NBA did a super job of following up on all details for my claim including dealing with the delays by my doctors office. It was a pleasure dealing with the..."

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stephen smith


"hello, I want to take a minute of your time to let you all know about the national benefit authority and the success they had in obtaining a disability refund..."

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Lorraine Trudel


"I dont know where to start, the national benefit authority has been so kind and understanding it has made this process so much easier for me. I am very grateful..."

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Antoinette DIggs


"I am recovering from traumatic brain damage and I have a plate in my hip, and i have have bad migranes and a hard time walking some times. The doctors..."

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Lawrence Thompson


"Thanks for helping me find money that the Government should have gave me in the first place. "

Anthony Vacca


"Thank you to the staff of NBA for helping me to receive my benefits. Disability is a constant uphill battle. It is so nice having someone in your corner."

Lisamae Savinkoff


"I would like to thank the National Benefit Authority for the amazing job they did for my family and especially for my son Jake. Without there help we would not..."

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Gertrude Pick


"I am pleased to be a success story after trying on my own for 19 years to receive the disability tax credit. I am happy to say the National Benefit..."

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Tracy Willier


"I was very pleased with the help i recieved from the national benefit authority.i got money that i was entitled to.i was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy 30 years ago and..."

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Laura Churxh


"This process was fast and incredibly easy! The National Benefit Authority did all of the work with kindness and the best customer service I have ever come across. As a..."

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Terrance Upton


"I had no idea i was entitled to some money back, and the national benefit authority helped me get it when it was most needed. Thank You. "

Earl Neil Hopkins


"From the first time we contacted you, we were helped step by step through the whole process. Without you and your organization we would have not been successful or known..."

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Julia Carriere


"THANK YOU NBA!!! Because of you i was able to buy my grandchildren gifts for Christmas. Your going the extra mile for those you do not know is greatly appreciated...."

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"Thanks to the NBA, who helped explain all the paperwork and did all the filing of documents, I was able to receive benefits that greatly helped my family through a..."

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Edward Deane


"I would like to take the time to thank the courteous case workers that I had and all the members at the NBA for their work that they put in..."

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"When I was asked to write about my experiences with National Benefit Authority, I had to ponder a bit to find the perfect description to represent how I feel towards..."

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Tina Morrison


"Without the NBA I never could have done this on my own."

Sandra E Boucher


"A great big thank you to Brenda Cirillo and all the staff at the N.B.A. for getting us a large settlement from Revenue Canada. Without them I wouldn't have even..."

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Donna Moore


"Thank you NBA for getting us the benefits owed to us that Revenue Canada wouldn't have helped. The money was sure needed. We are waiting for an appeal on my..."

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Karen Friesen


"Thank you to the NBA for successfully working on my behalf which resulted in moneys back to my husband and I that we would otherwise not have known about. Such..."

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France Gilliard


"thanks to the people that helped, with get the money as you can see. i am happy, p.s I WILL TELL EVERYBODY, THANKS AGAIN"

Airi & Robert McTavish


"The National Benefit Authority They helped me out when I needed it and they went to bat for me. I received a cash settlement and with their help, I am..."

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Tammy Hempstock


"Thank you NBA for your quick friendly service. I appreciate all your help in obtaining my refund. It was a great experience working with you. "

Debra Bradley


"I am writing to you in regards to my husband, Joseph Boisclair. We both would like to thank you very much for your kind approach and efficient manner in regards..."

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Gida Carbone


"I am very pleased with the services offered by the National Benefit Authority. Thank you!"

Jo-Ann Redden


"I am so grateful that I applied for The National Benefit. I first saw it on my computer and didn't think anything about the aid. Afterwards, I write it down..."

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Lucia Hebert


"tks again NBA for all your wonderful help us in getting almost $14.000 in disibily fo my daughter's personel is wonderful and on the ball with all the phone..."

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Fay Daignault


"Dear National Benefit Authority, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you with all my heart for all the hard work you did on my behalf. When you..."

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Ronelda Neufeld


"The National Benefit Authority has been nothing but amazing. My personal representative reassured me every step of the way with my application to receive benefits. In my most difficult time..."

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Bertha Morin


"Thank-you so much to the NBA team that helped me with the process of my claim. Without you, things would of been a lot harder. We need more people like..."

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Kathryn Buehler


"My experience with the National Benefit Authority was nothing but wonderful. I filled in the initial for and they did the rest. I have always had to fight for everything..."

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Telsa Riopel


"It is with great pleasure that I post this testimonial . The NBA helped me learn that the government even penalized me via withholding tax refund because I forgot to..."

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Hazel Gonyea


"I would like to thank the staff of NBA for all their help in getting a refund for me and my late husband, the staff was polite and always willing..."

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Crystal Ridsdale


"NBA has helped my son and I , and they continue to help others thro out Canada, many thanks to NBA and hope you never change your attitude or zest..."

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rosa santoiemma


"i would like to thank the people working at national benefit authority for all their hard work.. i recevied funds that i never knew i was able to recieve"

michelle rogerson


"The National Benefit Authority will help me in taking care of the stress that is associated with caring for my special needs children. furthermore it would cover the cost of..."

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Warren Boom


"I tried on my own to receive the disability tax credit but to no avail. Every time I tried, I was turned down. My wife came across an ad for..."

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Candice Hewston


"I'm 30 years old with 5 kids living I have been suffering from bipoul and post pardom and other things the national benefit helped me get back money I deserved..."

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ashley durette


"Before hearing about this agency it was a big struggle. My son was diagnosed it broke my heart to have to watch his struggle. Then I was told about this..."

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Kevin Nabigon


"I am proud, that the national benefit authority recovered unknown funding for myself. & in time for Christmas."

nancy and bob furler


"we are so grateful for the staff of nba for all their help in getting my husband and myself the disability money and credits they have been so needed and..."

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Leslie Wright


"Working with the NBA was a seamless process. They explained the process clearly and helped me get back a sizeable tax refund and the ability to claim it going forward...."

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Feroze Khan


"Thank You for standing up for our son and getting him the tax credit he deserves. "

Glen Dickson


"After the last year that my me and my wife had with all the hardships this money came in very handy for Christmas and other things and helped us a..."

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Gurinder Johal


"Having a disability I spent several years trying to get approved for the Disability Tax Credit with no success. The National Benefit Authority was the only one who was successfully..."

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Michael McCourt


"I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank the wonderful people at The National Benefit Authority. Their dedication and commitment to client satisfaction is above and beyond! With..."

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Lyne Girard


"I had an excellent service with NBA and was able to get a small refund - very happy"

jeanette vienneau


"thank-you your help. What a great job done by all."

Gail Dudnick


"I was greatly impressed with all the staff that handled my case. Everyone was very well informed and answered all my concerns with professionalism.I thank you all for being so..."

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Donna Schaefer


"The service that NBA has provided me was priceless. I was denied initially, and with their help , patience and knowledge they helped me get my benefits for all 5..."

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Mary Bustin


"I have received great help from the National Benefit Authority. My Doctor was very cooperative. I appreciate all that you have done for me and all the help every step..."

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Brenda Corrigal


"The NBA was sincere, fast and efficient is getting monies that we did not know we owed to us by the Federal Government. Their rates and fees are so very..."

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Gordon McTaggart

"I had no idea a that there may have been a disability benefit available to me. When I heard about NBA I thought, "Hey, what have I got to loose." I cashed a cheque today. Very nice Surprise! "


"Thanks National Benefit Authority, fast, professional and was what we needed. Great job ! Keep it up ! "

Michael Hill

"i was really happy with National Benefit they help me with my Cornelia de Lange syndrome and got me the claim that i deserved I'm so glad i found this site it's amazing"

Marie-Lou Brouillard

"I want to thank the National benefit authority for their hard work helping me and directing me for getting my refund. The procedures was easy and well explained. The specialist kept in touch with me and explained step by step how to proceed."


"I was informed about the national benefit authority from a family member. The people on the phone were very friendly and helpful. They informed me what I had to do when papers were mailed to me. I signed them, sent them off, then after a few months i called them back and was informed about what was being given to me. The people worked hard to help me get what I was allowed. Thank you very much."

Tammy Baumgartner

"My daughter has had Diabetes for the last 11 years. I saw an ad for National Benefit Authority posted from a friend so I thought I've got nothing to loose. I emailed them and got a call back from them right away. I told them our situation and they told me about them and what they do. I started this process in April and by the end of August we had a substantial refund. Thank you for helping people like us get the money we didn't know we were entitled to."