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"To the NBA, I would like to thank you kindly for all the work you did for me, the money has helped in my treatment of colorectal cancer. Your kind staff could sure help other companies on how to treat clients…….amazing people that work at the NBA. Again thanks kindly..."

- Joanne F.Jones

"Thank you to THENBA for all their hard work on getting my son, Rayden, approved for his disability. My son has an on going disability, IBS, and I was happy that this disability was recognized even when the doctors didn't think he would qualify. We thank you from the bottom..."

- Heather Ann Beatty

"Ever since I was diagnosed with a learning disability I have had more problems with anxiety and depression more worse I'm having money issues and more so a place to live I don't really understand much and ppl get frustrated with me easily and i doing my best I just..."

- jessica

"I had no idea a that there may have been a disability benefit available to me. When I heard about NBA I thought, "Hey, what have I got to loose." I cashed a cheque today. Very nice Surprise!"

- Gordon McTaggart

"Thanks National Benefit Authority, fast, professional and was what we needed. Great job ! Keep it up !"

- Maven

"i was really happy with National Benefit they help me with my Cornelia de Lange syndrome and got me the claim that i deserved I'm so glad i found this site it's amazing"

- Michael Hill

"I want to thank the National benefit authority for their hard work helping me and directing me for getting my refund. The procedures was easy and well explained. The specialist kept in touch with me and explained step by step how to proceed."

- Marie-Lou Brouillard

"I was informed about the national benefit authority from a family member. The people on the phone were very friendly and helpful. They informed me what I had to do when papers were mailed to me. I signed them, sent them off, then after a few months i called them..."

- katarina

"My daughter has had Diabetes for the last 11 years. I saw an ad for National Benefit Authority posted from a friend so I thought I’ve got nothing to loose. I emailed them and got a call back from them right away. I told them our situation and they told..."

- Tammy Baumgartner

"Thank you so much the (National benefit Authority) team for all you have done. I absolutely had no idea there was a such thing as DTC. I have received an awesome Benefit."

- Vahid Haghighi

"I was in a terrible car accident 1996 hurt my back and since then I’ve been in fifteen car accidents since that have never been my fault I’m off work right now due to my back pain my doctors still say I cannot go back to work again i have..."

- christine shuwera

"At first I did not believe that the National Benefit Authority was real, but I was wrong. The first time I called to find out how it worked I was greeted by a very friendly and informative agent. They talked me through what I had to do and how to..."

- Patricia Jancsar

"Many thanks to the NBA for your assistance in getting me the disability tax benefit. Everyone I dealt with was very professional, and I was kept aware of my status the whole time. Dealing with the CRA with National Benefits Authority’s help made the process quick and easy."

- Cheryl

"I am very thank full to NBA for all they have done for me. I did not expect they could do anything and told them they might as well forget trying. They offered to try anyway and got me a sizeable return. THANK YOU NBA"

- Karl olson

"Thank you so much to the National Benefit group for recovering over $1,500 by tracking our income taxes of previous years. We are very grateful."

- Yollande Prevost

"they are professional and are also as well very professional dealing with all kinds of disability. I am more than satisfy with them for their wonderful jobs thanks you again NBA."

- jean benjamin

"I have Crohns for over 20 yrs,too many surgeries to count,and the last 5 years seizures a lot of limitations with working, Being single this will be A Hugh help, thank you National Benefit 🙂"

- Shelley Matheson

"Im a diabetic, i have lost part of my leg, along with more health problems, a friend of mine told me about NBA so i decided to try it, i found the staff very polite and helpful, they explained everything in a way that i could understand, they treated me..."

- brenda keats

"Thank you national benefit for getting me ovrr $7000"

- Krystal Buurman

"I was suffering from several disabilities and I heard about the NBA, so I contacted them to see if they could help me. They stayed with my case for several years, until a decision was finally made in my favour. I thank the NBA for their persistance, because I was..."

- Valerie Rousseau

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The National Benefit Authority helps Canadians with disabilities receive a Disability Tax Credit from the Canadian Government