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Developmental Delay in Children

Developmental delays in children can be the result of genetics, or more rarely, a premature pregnancy. The condition comes in a number of forms, though they all affect the person’s ability to communicate and learn appropriate social and emotional norms.

A child with developmental delay can quickly fall behind in several key areas of development, such as:

  • Cognitive Skills: The ability to think, learn, and solve problems.
  • Social and Emotional Skills: The ability to relate to others, including expressing and controlling emotions.
  • Speech and Language Skills: The ability to use and understand language.
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills: The ability to use both small and large muscles in the body. Delayed development in toddlers, for example, can lead to difficulty grasping objects like utensils, or a pen to write & draw.
  • Activities of Daily Living: The ability to handle everyday tasks. For kids, this comprises of eating, dressing, and bathing themselves.

It’s not always clear what causes developmental delay in children – studies suggest complications at birth, environmental issues, and other medical conditions – early intervention can help kids catch up in the areas of development.

Child Disability Tax Credit for Developmental Delays

Being attentive to signs of developmental delays will have your child getting support sooner, helping him or her to catch up to peers.

The Child Disability Tax Credit and Child Disability Benefit can cover any costs of special education or equipment, to keep your child happily learning and growing alongside their peers. These government programs are designed to help families manage their toddler’s medical conditions, reliving the financial burden of the added costs of necessary treatments. Treatments can include speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and behavioural therapies.

Developmental delays in toddlers is one of the most common Child Disability Tax Credit claims we deal with. As such, our team of Benefits Specialists are experienced and knowledgeable, and understand how to best position you for a successful, maximum disability claim.

Contact The National Benefit Authority today to learn how we can help you and your child receive the Child Disability Tax Credit and Child Disability Benefit for developmental delays.